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Water Softener Installation Pflugerville, TX

We provide the best water softener installation services in Pflugerville, TX by certified water softener repairmen, at a surprisingly soft cost. If you’re ever in need of water softener services in and around the Pflugerville, TX area we are your best choice, namely:

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Our local plumbing services encompass all kinds of work across residential, commercial and even industrial installations.

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Water Softener Installation Pflugerville, TX

We use the latest technologies and developments in water softening and water softener installation. In fact, we are the pioneers of water softener installation in all of Pflugerville, TX. While other plumbing companies were still struggling with hard water, we were already installing water softeners in numerous homes.

We also supply the highest quality water softeners for our clients. We never skimp on quality. Since we already provide quality services, it only makes sense to provide quality products too. When it comes to water softener installation, no one comes close to us.


Water Softener Service

Do you notice your skin and hair getting dry because of the water you use for bathing? Are your clothes unusually stiff and rough after laundry? Does your tap water leave hard water stains on your kitchen and bathroom sink, plumbing fixtures, bathtub, and tiles? Do you notice scale buildup in your pots and pans? These are all signs that you need a water softener installed in your home.

A water softener is a device that replaces calcium, magnesium and other materials with “softer” minerals, such as those of sodium and potassium. This makes laundry softer, prevents scales from building up in utensils and also does not cause hard water stains on bathroom walls, glass, and floors.  Washing with “soft” water will also require less soap and detergent. It also protects your water heater from early oxidation and corrosion, as well as scale buildup. These are just a few advantages of having a water softener installed in your home.

Our water softener installation services are available not just for newly constructed and installed plumbing but even for old existing ones. As long as you have a problem with hard water, we can solve it by installing a water softener system in your plumbing.

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Water Softener Installation Cost

How much does water softener installation cost? With Rod Plumbing, you will never have to worry about paying too much for any of our services including water softener installation, repair, maintenance, and even replacement. When you call us for a quote, we do our best to explain all the costs associated with your water softener installation. We even do cost analysis between how much you can expect to spend for skin and hair moisturizers, fabric conditioners, bathroom cleaners, and water heater maintenance, compared to the cost of having a water softener installed.

Our commitment has always been the same ever since our company started operation in 2017 – to provide cost-effective plumbing solutions to our clients. And so we promise that if you’re looking to have us take care of your water softener installation, we’ll keep your costs relatively low. We won’t take advantage of you.

For information on toilet repair, please see our Residential Plumbers Near Me page.


Water Softener Repairman

Our water softener installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements are performed and supervised by licensed water softener repairmen and technicians. We don’t just send ordinary plumbers to install or repair your water softener. We make sure the repairman we send to your home knows what he’s doing. This is because our repairman won’t only install or repair your water softener. He will also instruct you in the proper care and maintenance of your water softener installation so you can maximize its use.

Moreover, we always have a water softener repairman available for your emergency needs. Just call our 24-hour hotline and we’ll be more than happy to come to your rescue.

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  • Rich S. Avatar

    5 star rating We had to re-do our wet room floor and Rod Plumbing helped disconnect the tub and faucet as we re-tiled the room. Unfortunately when moving the faucet, something happened to cause water leaks down to the slab. While I am not sure if it was done accidentally by Rod or the tile guy or the fiberglass company, Angel stood behind his work and came out every time to investigate. It took several efforts to fix the issue and Angel and his team spent a ton of hours working to solve the problem. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen, but Angel showed great professionalism continuing to promptly address the issue until it was fixed. I really appreciate how he stood behind his work. It would have been easy to point the finger at others, but he didn't. I highly recommend Rod Plumbing to anyone as you know you can count on them.

    Rich S. 3/19/2019
  • Cody E. Avatar

    5 star rating I've been using Rod Plumbing for a while now. As a contractor I have dealt with many different plumbing crews and this is by far the most competent and competitive company I've had the pleasure of dealing with. All the guys that work for the company I get along with and are easy to talk to and keep me informed on any plumbing issues that may arise and are always ready to help with any issues I may have.

    Cody E. 2/28/2019
  • Andrew L. Avatar

    5 star rating Angel was able to set up a time to replace my rental home's disposal the very next day. He completed the job in a timely fashion. He kept the communcation channel open. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

    Andrew L. 9/07/2018
  • J. F. Avatar

    5 star rating Made an appointment with Angel. He was early and that is wonderful! A plumber that shows up on time is good, one that shows up early is AMAZING! Gave us a fair estimate for the work. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful too. We will call him the next time we need a plumber!

    J. F. 4/24/2018
  • Jordan P. Avatar

    5 star rating We had a water softner in oct installed. Angle was amazing he was very patient in answering all our questions and concerns before we purchased the softner. He did an amazing job installing the softner and his price was fair. He even came back out a week later to retest our water to make sure the softner was working properly free of charge. I would recommend ROD plumbing to anyone. Thanks for your great customer service.

    Jordan P. 1/06/2018
  • Beckey H. Avatar

    5 star rating Fantastic! Angel from Rod Plumbing went above and beyond what most companies would do. I had a leaky faucet. I bought one from home depot with intentions to install myself. I couldn't get the old one off. Scheduled an installation through home depot and they sent Rod Plumbing. Angel was prompt and so nice. He had to cut the old one off. Upon opening the brand new faucet, he discovered 3 key components missing. He volunteered to take it back, exchange it and return later that day to install it. True to his word! Saved me a trip to Austin (I live in Manor). I highly recommend Rod Plumbing!

    Beckey H. 7/28/2017
  • John L. Avatar

    5 star rating Angel came out even earlier than the appointment I had scheduled, and was easy to reach and get responses from. Quickly took care of a stopped up sink that I had and good price.

    John L. 1/30/2017
  • Kelly S. Avatar

    5 star rating Angel is always early to site visits and very responsive. We really enjoy working with him! We are an Austin-based custom builder and remodeler and ROD Plumbing always does the job on time and on budget!

    Kelly S. 6/21/2019
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